Established in 1985, China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation (CIEC) is a group enterprise under direct management of CCPIT, with its headquarters located at 6 East Beisanhuan Road, Chaoyang District. With 28 subsidiaries and branches, CIEC owns important influence and has developed its business in a variety of aspects, including gallery operation, exhibition organization and participation at home and abroad, exhibition engineering, exhibition transportation and advertisement. It serves as vice chairman of CCOIC and director-general of CAEC. It is the first Chinese enterprise that joined the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE).

CIEC, a professional gallery of China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, lies at 6 East Beisanhuan Road, Chaoyang District. Dedicated by Mr. Deng Xiaoping, CIEC was established in 1985. With almost 60,000 square meters, the exhibition center building is the first modern and professional gallery in China. In 2008, the construction of the new gallery was concluded  and came into use in Shunyi District in Beijing. Divided into three phases, the new gallery planned to occupy 265 hectares, with construction area taking up to 2250 thousand square meters. The interior and exterior exhibition space of the Phase Ⅰ gallery is 106.8 thousand square meters and 50 thousand square meters respectively. The new gallery has notably improved the development of the exhibition industry in Beijing.

With easy access and convenient transportation, the old and new galleries of CIEC enjoy a complete set of supporting facilities, including large lecture halls, conference rooms, business centers and restaurants with Chinese and Western food. Through its complete industry chain, CIEC has the ability to provide its customers with the all-dimensional service ranging from conference, catering, advertisement, renting, booth arrangement to exhibition transportation. It has been awarded the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification. In the last 30 years from 1985 to 2015, CIEC has hosted more than 3000 exhibitions in the old and new galleries, some of which have won domestic and international reputation, such as exhibitions in the fields of automobile, machine tools, printing, construction and metallurgical foundry.

Presently, CIEC hosts more than 100 exhibitions annually. The number and area of the financial and economic exhibition held by CIEC take up more than 40% and 60% of the total in Beijing respectively a year. Serving as an important venue to conduct international trade and technical exchanges, a notable platform to merge business, capital and intelligence, and a vital window for reform and opening up, CIEC has made significant contribution to foreign trade, economic and technical exchange and cooperation as well as economic development.

Combination of the East and the West, cultivation of the inside and the outside, creating progress through win-win cooperation.

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 Established in 1986, CIEC Exhibition Company Limited is a whole-owned subsidiary of CIEC. The year 2015 witnesses the new look of CIEC Exhibition Company Limited after its combination with CIEC Overseas Exhibition Company Limited and the business restructure afterwards. The new CIEC Exhibition Company Limited, while continuing its traditional exhibition organization business, starts to take on the overseas business from the original CIEC Overseas Exhibition Company Limited. With the win-win cooperation and complementarities between the domestic and foreign exhibition business, the new CIEC Exhibition Company Limited has laid a solid foundation to pursue constant and stable development and new progress.
With rich experience in exhibition organization, CIEC Exhibition Company Limited has successfully hosted a series of exhibition over 100 thousand square meters in China, such as China (Beijing) International Building Materials Expo, Metal + Metallurgy China, Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition, International Printing Technology Exhibition of China (Guangdong), China International Door Industry Exhibition. In recent years, CIEC Exhibition Company Limited has independently developed and hosted a variety of exhibitions, namely International Lasers, Optoelectronics and Photonics Exhibition, China International Cafe Show,China (Beijing) International Buddhist Items & Supplies Expo, China International Incense
Industry Fair etc. These exhibitions have won widely prestige in the industry with a good momentum.
CIEC Exhibition
Company Limited accepted the team from CIEC Overseas Exhibition Company Limited, who led the industry in providing overseas exhibition business in China. The original CIEC Overseas Exhibition Company Limited enjoyed high reputation with its rich experience, professional service, excellent team and outstanding performance. By far, CIEC Overseas Exhibition Company Limited has organized almost 15 thousands Chinese enterprises to participate more than 600 famous international exhibitions in a series of industries, such as global consuming goods, textile and clothes, construction materials and hardware, mechanical and electrical equipments, energy, IT etc.

CIEC Exhibition Company Limited set its work target as achieving the 100% satisfaction from its customers. The business restructures of domestic exhibition organization and overseas exhibition participation fully consolidated the internal resources for exhibition organization and tapped the business potential, which will definitely promote the healthy development of domestic and foreign exhibition business of the company and help create the new dimension of exhibition organization business of CIEC across the board.

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