The international brands at ADC Expo!

While situated in the irreversible trend of economic globalization, in order to promote the domestic and international industry exchanges, provide the domestic buyers with more high-quality overseas products, Shanghai ADC Expo has been participating for many years in the similar exhibitions in Europe and America, such as the EroFame in Germany. After many years of hard work, the ADC Expo has finally set up an international brand exhibition area for the first time in the year 2018 and published a special issue of the International Exhibition Area, which has received great reviews from the domestic and foreign buyers, arousing strong repercussions in domestic and foreign industries.

EroFame 2018

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In 2019, Shanghai Adult Exhibition will continue to set up an overseas brand exhibition area and publish the special issue of the international exhibition area. Until the 21st December 2018, the following international brands have signed up for the 2019 Shanghai ADC Expo:

Satisfyer & Satisfyermen

Orion Versand GmbH & Co KG

HOT Productions & Vertriebs GmbH

EDC Wholesale

Dr Papa


VEE International Inc.


BMS Factory

Thai Nippon Rubber Insustry PLC.

Inspirit Trade LLC





ML Creation

Highlights of 2018 ADC Expo:

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Global Industry News:

Hot Octopuss announced the appointment of Ms. Julia Maigo as the company's new COO.

Womanizer has published an industry magazine named "O Diaries."

The data shows that in 2017, Fleshlight's total global sales exceeded $60 million.

PJUR has released three new female products.

SCALA announced the appointment of Ms. Marilena Popescu as the company's new international account manager.

Shunga announced the appointment of Ms. Kim Chanel as the company's new Director of Business Development.


Shanghai Adult Show will bring you more information on the international adult products industry.