Your Summer Sex Toy Play List

What’s a sex toy business to do when those lazy summer days roll around? As the industry’s notorious slow season, warm summer weather signals a big slow-down in business trips, staff training sessions, and -let’s face it –sales. European manufacturers have the right idea, as most take off for their glorious 5+weeks of vacation while us sad American sacks are stuck in a stuffy, stale office, staring blankly at our empty inboxes. While it’s all too easy to browse Facebook to fill up those last few hours of the day, syrup slow summer provides the perfect opportunity to spend that extra time taking inventory of the latest trends. The 2017 eroFame show might seem like a distant memory come June, but with the Los Angeles ANME right around the corner, the trade show circuit is ready to sneak back into your schedule faster than a group of retail trainees can descent upon a box of free sex toys. Check out what’s on consumer radars this summer from the industry’s top pleasure trendsetters.

Day Wear For Kinksters

Almost half a decade after Crave introduced the world to the vibrating necklace, the famous Vesper is still making waves in mainstream magazines and boutique retail shops. In fact, Crave Designer Ti Chang, the woman responsible for turning a sex toy into high-end jewelry, is headlining her own cross-country road trip this summer. Armed with a re-vamper 1961 Airstream camper-turned-vibe-kiosk, Chang is traveling the US of A to promote the company’s roving Crave Design Factory, where toy tech enthusiasts can build their own vibrator and nab a coveted Vesper necklace. What’s the best accessory to pair with a Vesper? A piece of kinky, mod day wear from Bijoux Indiscrets. The Spanish company’s popular MAZE colletion will no doubt be out –and – about at summer music festivals this season, and these vegan leather accents are even classy enough to wear to the office(well, at least if your office sells sex toys).The rose-gold Vesper makes a statement draped over the MAZE Cross Cleavage Harness or Halter Bra Harness.


Spiritual Sex Toys

Forget the hard and fast days of heavy-hitting vibrators that threaten to tear the flesh right off your sexy parts(or at least send you wadding away with a few bruises).These days, sex is all about slowing down and taking in every pleasure-drenched moment.US retailers are gaga with gratitude over Chakubs, a pleasure product company that believes the greatest orgasms come from self-love, acceptance, and communing with crystal wands. Chakrubs’ insertable wands. Chakrubs’s insertable wands, crafted in everything from real amethyst to rose quartz to obsidian, are designed to vibrate without the use the batteries-and by vibrate, they mean from within your energy field. For those across the ocean, wholesaler Yoni Pleasure Palace, another female-owned outfit run by founder Rosie Rees, can provide for all your crystal retailer needs from their headquarters in Perth, Australia. Although these genuine, earth-borne pleasure objects don’t have motors, devoted fans have described moments of meditative masturbation that almost feel like the crystal wands and yoni eggs are rumbling with some sort of magical frequency.  Either way, they make a gorgeous and eco-friendly addition to youor sex-positive shop.


Electronic Rim Jobs

Booty play has been trending for the past few years, but more recently, rim jobs become the latest buzz to hit the vibe market. Now that butt sex is out of the closet, the time is ripe for delving past the taboos and exploring everything our butts have to offer. B-Vibe is to blame for this big kick to the proverbial industry pants. After the knock-offs might satisfy less savvy consumers, you’ve got to get your hands on the original if you want industry street cred. The original b-Vibe Rimming Plug, also available in a petite version, Vibrates at the tip and spins rows of metal beads around the thin neck of the base, all beneath high-quality silicone.Founder Alicia Sinclair was the first to introduce this technology,often reserved for dual-stim, Rabbit style toys in the form of a cluster of moving pearls,into the anal toy realm.The populariy of butt toys isn’t entirely new,but this previously underserved category is peaking big time,and now is your chance to become the neighborhood’s top shop for booty accessories.


Sex Machines

Sex machines have been lurking in the background for decades, but until pleasure products hit the pages of mainstream publications, the market for space-stealing, indiscreet sex toys was little more than a niche. A household name since the late 80s,Sybian wrote the book on the saddle-style, ride-on sex machine. Supported by a luxurious marketing aesthetic and a sex-positive ,education-based approach, this industry headliner will always hold the trophy for bring sex machines into average households.

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Luxury is more than just a mark of quality in today’s toys. Consumers want the entire high-end experience from the moment they open the package, and luxury manufactures are delivering all sorts of little extras to supplement the unboxing experience. The Rianne’s brand is known for their ultra-femme flair and attention to detail, and their latest mini vibes and kegel balls come stashed in designer make-up bags adorned with fun, flirty illustrations. Rianne’s collection of wands and rabbit-style vibes even come packed with a dose of girl power: a slender gold bracelet that empowers vibe-buying babes with the quote, ”She believed she could, so she did.”Jimmy Jane, another power player with an art department as phenomenal as their toy designs, knows just how to incite an excited squeal from consumers on package delivery day. Their sleek, shiny Pure UV toy sanitizer, coupled with either a classic Form 2 vibe or the new Love Pods Tre, is the nightstand accessory you never knew you needed. After taking your toy for a spin, stash it in the Pure UV sanitizing unit and let the exterior LED mood light get to work on creating a romantic light show. Plus, this nightlight-slash-UV toy cleaner is so slick and modern, your guests will never know it hides a sex toy.

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