Shanghai Family Planning Services Association


Shanghai Reproductive Health Industry Association
   Shanghai Reproductive Health Industry Association was established in August 2004, formerly known as Shanghai Family Planning Supplies Management Association. In July 2010, it was officially renamed as Shanghai Reproductive Health Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as “Association”).

 Overview of the Association: The "Association" is a voluntary project for the production, management, research and development, testing and related consulting, information services, education and training of reproductive health products in Shanghai's administrative region, and experts and scholars engaged in the research and management of reproductive health products. A professional, non-profit social organization. The association is registered by the Shanghai Social Organization Administration and is a city-wide social group with independent legal personality. The Association accepts the business guidance and supervision of the Shanghai Population and Family Planning Commission and the Shanghai Social Organization Administration.

 Development objective: to unite and educate members to abide by the country's constitution, laws, regulations and policies, abide by social morality, represent and safeguard the common interests and legitimate rights and interests of members; continuously improve the safety of new technologies and products of reproductive health products Reliability, effectiveness, strengthen exchanges between research and development, production and business units and regulate the production and management of reproductive health products, actively promote the healthy development of Shanghai's reproductive health industry, and achieve the goal of people-oriented and benefiting the people.

 Scope of business: Improve the production, management and service level of the reproductive health industry, participate in the formulation of standards, conduct exchanges, cooperation, training, exhibitions, consulting services, and accept commissioned matters. Specifically includes the following:
(1) Participate in the formulation of standards for reproductive health products, technologies and services, strengthen the construction of a credit system, standardize industry behavior, enhance corporate reputation, and maintain fair competition.
(2) Maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of members, actively communicating the exchanges between the government and member units, and working hard to solve problems affecting the development of the industry.
(3) Organizing research and research on the development of the reproductive health industry, and providing relevant departments with policy and legislative opinions and suggestions.
(4) Organizing and promoting the advanced management concepts, management systems, methods and experiences of reproductive health products in the process of research and development, production and management, and improving the scientific level of management of member units.
(5) Build an information exchange platform, collect and publish information on reproductive health products at home and abroad; organize business training; organize exhibitions and exhibitions of reproductive health products; organize and carry out consulting services.
(6) Participate in the transformation, promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements in the reproductive health industry.
(7) To carry out exchanges and cooperation with R&D, production and management units of reproductive health products at home and abroad, and actively promote the participation of member units in market competition.
(8) to undertake the matters authorized or entrusted by the relevant units.

 Staffing Framework: Now the second term of the Board of Directors, there are 20 directors, including 11 executive directors. The president of the association is Shi Derong (the party secretary and chairman of Shanghai Guosheng (Group) Co., Ltd.), and there are 3 vice presidents and 1 secretary general.

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