Satisfyer & Satisfyermen

Satisfyer announced to invest a large 3 digit million Euro figure in 2018,2019 and 2020 to promote Satisfyer Men and Satisfyer Women. For 2018 itself, the German brand bought more than views of prerolls, banners and advertising, investing more than 100.000.000 Euros to make Satisfyer a top selling brand worldwide. More than 270.000.000 people will see Satisfyer advertising every single day!

"Also, we are working at a new Satisfyer Women TV spot and worldwide campaign in cooperation with Europe's most prestigious and awarded advertising agency Jung von Matt Mecrcedes Benz, Audi, Vodafone, Angela Merkel,Sixt Rental Car etc.).Shooting will start early November in the UK.World premiere will be released January 2018"Jerome Bensimon said.

Following its strategy Satisfyer will be one of the most advertised brand worldwide in 2018!
Before Satisfyer starts its 3 years worldwide TV and online advertising campaign for over 100.000.000 Dollars, the German brand is currently making real life tests with major women magazines. For example, November 15th with ELLE USA (print and online for the December issu)with 30.000.000 readers."

This is the first time ever a company from our industry, will advertise a 6 pages campaign in a top women mainstream magazine engaging directly with readers in sexual wellness with Satisfyer. Satisfyer will be the official featured sexual wellness toy of ELLE magazine" Vice President of Sales Jerome Bensimon stated.

Worldwide leading erotic trade show EroFame in Germany has been an fantastic success for Satisfyer,with a incredible advertising exposure, innovative new products introduction and multiple awards like EroFame "brand of the Year, Satisfyer Women", "Highest Potential Product, Satisfyer Men" and Sign "Best Innovative New Toy 2017,Satisfyer Pro Penguin "award.

At the same time Satisfyer announced to continue main sponsoring ensuring massive visibility at all top trade shows in our industry like Shanghai ADCEXPO,EroFame,Venus,AVN. Satisfyer has announced a three years cooperation with Shanghai ADCEXPO.

"Our DNA at Satisfyer makes us totally focus on end consumers and give total priority to sell out. Becoming the most sold item in the world in less than 18 months and building a new dimension to sexual wellness new market, is requiring our complete attention and awareness, exchanging permanently with most of our partners and compiling sales data, leading us to be courageous to adjust our strategy at any time always for better results and anticipate our industry new challenges."Vice President of Sales Jerome Bensimon is saying.

He's adding "This time has come again and we have decided to readjust our worldwide pricing strategy and conditions, to offer end consumers prices they are ready to pay, and maximize the tremendously growth at retail level, without large prices variations in between different sales channels. All our retail prices are not reduced to best selling prices observed(where sales in units are maximized):As an example,

the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next generation is now at $/€59.95 worldwide. Our prices to distributors and key accounts are kept to minimum, even with all products improvement(Next Generation, partner plus

remote) and worldwide advertising campaign Satisfyer will start beginning of 2018."

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