Exhibition Fee                                 

● Shell Scheme Package (9 sq.m.)    

Rate: USD 2,000

The shell scheme package includes: one counter table, one round table, five chairs, two spotlights, one 220V socket, one waste basket, completely carpeted floor, fascia board, three sides panel walls.

Additional Fee: Two sides open booth will be charged additional 5% of the full price.                        

● Raw Space (Minimum 36 sq.m.)   

Rate: USD 190 / sq.m 

The Raw Space package includes:

Location rental, Lighting of original construction, Security, Clean service of the public place, the management and service during the exhibition.  

Additional Fee: Four sides open booth of raw space will be charged additional 5% of the full price. The island booth will be charged 10% of the full price.


Trade Visitor

 Admission Fee: Free of charge

Remarks: Trade visitors can obtain free admission by pre-registering online via the registration link:

Click to download the application form.

Contact :

Name: Ms.Aileen LIU /Ms.Angie XIN

Phone:  0086 10 84600716/0816



Add: No.6 Beisanhuan East Road, Beijing 100028